15 going on 2

It’s 1:30am on June 24, 2012…my daughter’s 15th birthday. She’s the youngest of our 4 and the only girl.  Awwwww…..yeah, whatever.

I have figured out over the last few years with the boys, that 15 is not a fun age. Something happens seemingly overnight at 15 and they become the typical teenager…angry, selfish, one-dimensional, and of course brilliant while we become morons. My daughter is different though. She’s mature, giving, happy, helpful, wonderful to be around.

So why am I writing this at 1:30am in the very early morning hours of her 15th birthday? Because she just threw what I can only describe as a temper tantrum, teenager style. Maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit. But I proved to her I could scream louder and I put an end to the argument.  *Sigh*  15 has arrived and she’ll hate me even more for saying that.

I love you dearly Brittney. You really are pretty awesome and you’re my best friend. I love you but I don’t like you all the time 🙂  Happy Birthday Rittney!

Midnight birthday cake!