Some People Are Just Gross!

If you know me then you know I worked in the fitness industry for a very long time, 12 years to be exact. I thought I had seen everything at the gym.  Men in speedos, women in make-up, women in clothing they should never be caught dead wearing in public, a woman “laying out” at the indoor pool, fights on the basketball courts, cars getting broken into, disgruntled employees making a scene as they are being fired, people refusing to leave at closing resulting in calling the cops, people having a “good time” in the bathroom stall, naked people in the sauna, broken collar bones on the racquetball courts, a girl overdosing/unconscious in the tanning bed and having to break down the door so the paramedics can get to her. …you name it, I’ve seen it. So I thought.

So I’m at Gold’s Gym yesterday relaxing in the dry sauna after my workout. This guy is sitting in there chattering away with everyone and as he is sitting on the bench, he proceeds to spit on the floor. He does this repeatedly in the same spot on the floor in between conversations. He then gets up to walk around this small space and continues to spit on the floor as he is walking. He then walks over to the heat coils and flings the sweat off his hands into the coils and then shakes his head back and forth to fling the sweat off himself. He walks back to the bench and wipes his sweating hands all over the walls to dry them off and the sits down and spits some more. Just as I was coming out of my shock and about to say something to this guy, he gets up and leaves.

Now some of you may not think this is any big deal considering some of the things I listed above and maybe your right. But this guy was just gross. I wish I had said something to him. I know I should have. Maybe that will be my daily incentive to get my butt to the gym more, so that I can hopefully run into this guy again and knock some sense into him if he does it again.

Whatever motivates you right?