Why I Hate Pinterest

So I’m a major social media nerd right? And I’m female right? Then why do I hate Pinterest so much?

This is why….

And this…

And this…

Who has the time to do this stuff? Pinterest makes me feel creative for half a second and then just makes me feel non-creative, non-crafty, boring, and inadequate. And quite frankly…it just pisses me off.

Have a nice day! ūüôā


15 going on 2

It’s 1:30am on June 24, 2012…my daughter’s 15th birthday. She’s the youngest of our 4 and the only girl. ¬†Awwwww…..yeah, whatever.

I have figured out over the last few years with the boys, that 15 is not a fun age. Something happens seemingly¬†overnight¬†at 15 and they become the typical teenager…angry, selfish, one-dimensional, and of course brilliant while we become morons. My daughter is different though. She’s mature, giving, happy, helpful, wonderful to be around.

So why am I writing this at 1:30am in the very¬†early¬†morning hours of her 15th birthday? Because she just threw what I can only describe as a temper tantrum, teenager style. Maybe I’m¬†exaggerating¬†a little bit. But I proved to her I could scream louder and I put an end to the argument. ¬†*Sigh* ¬†15 has arrived and she’ll hate me even more for saying that.

I love you dearly Brittney. You really are pretty awesome and you’re my best friend. I love you but I don’t like you all the time ūüôā ¬†Happy Birthday Rittney!

Midnight birthday cake!

2012 Mid-Year Review

It’s June 2012, how are you hanging in there? For me, well I’m hanging in there but it’s been a crazy year so far. ¬†Our family dynamic is so different, not only having a blended family (who doesn’t now days), but my husband travels out of the country and is gone for sometimes months at a time, my oldest Brett, who is 17 lives with his Dad in another state, and when my husband is out of town, his boys often go stay at their Mom’s house. ¬†So Brittney, my 14 year old and I are often home alone….um with our rabid Pit Bull and 3 Rottweilers. Oh and I have a shotgun, 9mm and yes I know how to use them. ūüôā


Brittney was home/online schooled this semester since we were suppose to be moving back to Texas but were not sure when. She and I have spent a lot of time in Texas this year but came back in April when our beloved dog Bevo became sick with liver cancer.  We had to put him to sleep April 27 but luckily my husband was able to just make it home in time.

Our oldest, Kaleb turned 18 in May and graduated a few days later. Just last week I drove him up to Provo, UT for summer classes at BYU…yeah! We are so proud!

The last couple months I have been on a serious job hunt. Although I love consulting and would like to continue doing it, I would really like the¬†opportunity¬†to work for a large company or agency running the social media department. ¬†Ideally I would like to find something in Texas of course or in Florida. I know, everyone thinks I’m crazy for wanting to move to Florida but I would be in heaven!

My youngest, Brittney will be 15 this weekend so we may take a trip over to Vegas and hang out by one of the many awesome pools.

At the end of June, I will be meeting up with some high school friends to go tubing on the Guadalupe River in Texas! I can not tell you how excited I am for this trip!

Well that about sums it up from January to June…kinda. We’ve got lots of catching up to do!

What Is Valentine’s Day Anyways?

So it’s Valentine’s Day. ¬†Here is where all the guys say “oh crap.”, all the single girls say “who cares anyways”, and many businesses say “cha-ching!”. ¬†I’m married and actually couldn’t care less about Valentine’s, however…it is nice to¬†receive¬†flowers and go out for dinner. ¬†I am more of a believer in “take me out and buy me roses because you want to, not because you feel you have to”. ¬†My husband is sweet and non-traditional romantic guy and absolutely despises going to¬†restaurants¬†on weekend nights unless it’s after 8pm and I don’t blame him. ¬†I on the other hand, would rather you spend $50 on a steak dinner, than roses.

So I’m on Facebook one day (of course) about a month ago and saw a contest on the Love Locks facebook page. ¬†They wanted to know what your love story was and you could win a dinner for two. ¬†I thought “Why not?” and told them how my husband and I met and fell in love and yadda yadda yadda. ¬†Well, we won! ¬†We get to have a candle light dinner for two at the Lovescape, music, goodie basket, and of course a¬†Love¬†Lock of our own. ¬†I was so excited because I love Love Locks and what a great gift for my husband from me…no¬†restaurant¬†waiting!

So what does Valentine’s Day mean to you? ¬†For me it’s just another day¬†because¬†my hubby and I still act like honeymooners anyways, but again, it is always nice to have a little extra special something once in a while, right? ¬†I like to reflect on our relationship and what is it about him that made me fall in love with him to begin with. ¬†So if it takes one day out of the year to make us all reflect on that, I say GO VALENTINE’S DAY!

My husband Glenn and me