So it’s August…

So it’s August. My kids are back in school, football season is almost here, and I scorched myself getting some sun in the backyard yesterday. Sunblock and all and it was only an hour. Problem is, now I need some color on my backside. Dark on the front and white as a ghost on the back does not make for a pretty site. 

In other news…We got a new puppy! She is now 10 weeks old and she’s a gorgeous Golden Retriever named Lucy May Tuesday. How can such a sweet ball of fur bite like a great white shark?!? She’s pretty smart though and already knows several commands like, sit, stay, speak, and sit up. She’s not too keen on they ‘lie down’ command or ‘come here’ which tends to get pretty annoying.  She loves bacon (who wouldn’t) and playing with plastic bottles, like Coke 2 liters or water bottles. Here’s a video of her chasing a coke bottle, in case you’re curious. 

My youngest, Brittney, is now 15 and about to get her learner’s permit, so we’ve been practicing driving…Good times.

2 of the boys (Kaleb and Dallin) are working together now at Red Robin (they refuse to let me take a picture of together in their uniforms).

My 17 year old, Brett, is now working for a Japanese restaurant and and working towards graduating H.S. early this year and entering the Navy!

That concludes this segment, but stay tuned for “The Anderson Wedding in California“, “Labor Day Weekend“, and the ongoing adventures with our fast growing puppy Lucy. 


See me later! 😉


Oh I almost forgot to update you on my river trip to the Guadalupe in Texas and fun in Austin. Had a blast, here’s the video proof.



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