The View

I moved from Texas to St. George, UT about 18 months ago kicking and screaming the whole way ( close, but not really) and it took me a very long time to get over the move.  Actually, I’m not completely over it yet. You see, I was born and raised in Texas.  Arlington, TX to be exact, which is a suburb of Dallas/Ft. Worth.  I never thought I would live anywhere but Texas. Ever.  Then I met my wonderful husband who convinced me to move to one of his favorite places as he had lived in St. George about 10 years before I met him.  I didn’t know one single person for the first time in my entire life.  I didn’t know where Walmart was.  I didn’t know where the other mall was (oh that’s right, there wasn’t another mall), and I couldn’t find any grass or trees to save my life. I was living on Mars, where everything was red rocks and red dirt.  Football was not important here and I couldn’t find a BBQ or TexMex restaurant that I was so desperately jonesing for.  You could say I was a bit homesick and not happy.

So what is a Texas girl to do?  I networked.  I found a few networking meetings in town and started going, made a few acquaintances which led to a job building from scratch the new Washington City Chamber of Commerce.  Working for the chamber was great because I was able to connect with so many people in town and many acquaintances evolved into friendships.  Although I am no longer with the chamber, I am grateful for the doors it opened for me.

In my 18 months in Utah, I have made 2 very dear friends that I visit with almost on a daily basis.  The funny thing is, you would never think we would have much in common.  One friend is in her very early 20’s, single, from Vegas and no kids and the other friend is a married empty nester, from California who is retired.  I myself am 36, and married with teenagers.  3 best friends, all from different parts of the country, in 3 different levels of life.  So what could we possible have to talk about every day?  Life, what else?  We always end up talking about relationships (past and present), friendships (past and present), business, and our day-to-day happenings. We all have an interesting take on life and advise each other daily from our own perspectives. I absolutely love these women!  They keep me grounded and keep me from being homesick 24-7.

Today we decided we needed a fourth to complete “The View”.  We were thinking about a divorced recent empty nester who is back in the dating scene, mid 40’s…maybe from Utah. You know who you are 😉


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