Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail

Have you ever heard the saying, “fail to plan, plan to fail”?  We had 2 weeks until our lease was up on our house and had still not found anything.  When we finally did find something that was the right size in the right part of town at the right price, we jumped on it.  Moving day came quick and as we moved in this past week, we forgot all about transferring utilities.  You’d think we were novices at moving but we’re actually pro’s at it.  I myself had moved 4 times between 2005 and 2007 (long story but a divorce was in there somewhere) and my husband and I have moved 4 additional times since 2008 when we got married.  That’s 8 times I have moved in the last 5 years!  Now some of those were situational, like when we moved my husband and his 2 boys into my house when we got married or before we moved to Utah and had to move everything into storage, live in a hotel for 2 months, move out of storage into a Uhaul, drive to Utah, move into another storage unit for 2 weeks until we found a house, then move again out of storage into the house.  Another long story.

So the point I’m trying to make is, we have a lot of experience in moving, so when we moved again this time and forgot to call to have our internet and satellite hooked up it was a little frustrating.  Especially when they said it would be almost a week until they could connect our service.  “But the Superbowl is on Sunday, and I need internet…not just so I can check my Facebook but for my work”!   After I whined and stomped my feet and realized there was nothing I could do, I tried to make the best of it.  We actually got a lot done around the house which is a good thing when you just move in.  The house is unpacked for the most part and we might even be able to park in the garage which is a lifelong dream of mine.  Laundry is getting done, the house is clean, and the kids aren’t fighting.  So it made me realize what I already knew.  TV and computer/video games are time suckers.  Not to mention they are what I like to call “electric crack”.  When my kids get too much “crack”, they turn into monsters to us and each other.  For the most part, this past week has been very pleasant and everyone has got along just fine.  They even went outside and talked to human beings!

Now, I hope we have all learned a valuable lesson here…plan ahead to get your utilities turned on!  Oh yeah, and turn off all the “crack” once in a while and just hang out and enjoy  each other. 😉

Till the next move…



2 thoughts on “Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail

  1. Great lesson Chanda. I think we we turned the electronics off more there would be less fighting in families for sure. Do you think you forgot to have the utilities changed or maybe it as just a subconscious decision? 🙂

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