What? Life gets crazy?

So the past year has been a bit nuts to say the least.   My husband left for Afghanistan in April of 2010 to work as a civilian contractor for an Australian military base.  What was suppose to be 6 weeks turned into 8 months!  While is was pretty rough, we managed (thank you Skype!), and I finally got him back about a month ago.  Now we are in the process of moving…not far but just needed a little more room and more kid friendly area.  In the past 6 weeks, I have started a new business, got my husband home, enjoyed Christmas and New Years, and now packing and moving…good times.  The crazy part is, as much as everything seems to be in disarray, everything seems to be falling into place perfectly!  Organized chaos? Maybe.  But it’s 1am, only half my house is packed, tomorrow is moving day, and I’m on the computer…go figure.


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